About The Teacher
The Goal of Piano Instruction

It is my goal that, regardless of what brings a student to piano lessons, each has fun with the experience and leaves with a new appreciation for music. From the beginning, I work with students and their families to establish attainable goals to help focus the instruction. I tailor the lessons to each student's goals and abilities to ensure they have the most positive, enjoyable experience while gaining essential skills that will support them throughout life. When talent is discovered, I seek new opportunities for the student to advance in skill and grow into his or her potential. Students are consistently challenged to aim high but never forced to excel beyond their own interests or desires.

A Snapshot of the Piano Lesson

During lessons, I work individually with students using proven strategies in order to develop the following skills:

  • Dexterity of fingers, wrists, and arms
  • Fluidity, accuracy and speed of movement
  • A firm grasp and appreciation for musical style and artistry
  • A thorough understanding of underlying musical theory and notation

My general approach is to model good performance techniques and invite students to observe and then imitate. This allows students to apply their knowledge and gain greater independence in using the piano to produce beautiful, musically rich sounds.

Adjustable seats and other tools within my studio help students of varying heights access the pedals and keys more comfortably for better results. A cozy sitting area allows parents to sit back and enjoy the sounds of their child's progress during lessons.

Preparing Students for Piano Performance

Nothing helps a student advance in ability like preparing for a scheduled performance. That's why I like to plan two to three student recitals throughout the year. Students gain the ability to focus, form habits of discipline, and build an important life skill in being able to appear before an audience. Students also grow in confidence when they are required to work toward a goal, and they can find joy in sharing their achievements with others.


Philip Low is a native of Arden Hills, Minnesota. As a young child, Philip was fascinated by piano playing, whether watching others play or attempting— and succeeding—to imitate their skill on his own. However, Philip's formal training in piano performance did not begin until he was nine years old, when he began studying under Kathrina Evans Skaar at Bethel University. At the age of 14, Philip began to study under Carolyn Nordquist, with whom he continued his studies through the end of his bachelor's degree in piano performance from Bethel in 1999. During his undergraduate years, Philip took first place in Bethel's performance prize competition in the fall of 1996 and first place in the concerto competition later that spring. His performance was later aired on Minnesota Public Radio's "Artists in Concert" series with Minday Ratner.

At 22, Philip began graduate studies at the renowned Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio, where he studied under a variety of skilled musicians, including Anita Pontremoli, Virginia Weckstrom, Olga Radosavljevich, and Daniel Shapiro. He completed a master's degree and later his doctorate of musical arts in piano performance in 2005. He then taught college full-time for a period, but later realized the tremendous need for expert teachers for children.

While passion for piano performance was the impetus for Dr. Low's extensive studies, his primary interest has always been to teach piano and share the love of musical classics with his students. Having returned to his hometown, Dr. Low became an active member of the Minnesota Music Teacher's Association, and in August 2008 opened a private studio.

Dr. Low is a knowledgeable teacher who gives each student his undivided attention. A model pianist, Dr. Low has refined musical sensibilities that he enjoys sharing with students in order to cultivate in them a love of music. His desire for all his students is that they have fun improving their skills and developing a greater appreciation for the piano's rich musical heritage.

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